The gold standard for AI infrastructure.

The World’s Proven Choice for Enterprise AI

Expand the frontiers of business innovation and optimization with NVIDIA DGX™ H100. The latest iteration of NVIDIA’s legendary DGX systems and the foundation of NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™, DGX H100 is the AI powerhouse that’s accelerated by the groundbreaking performance of the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU.

The Most Complete AI Platform

The Cornerstone of Your AI Center of Excellence

DGX H100 is the fourth generation of the world’s premier purpose-built AI infrastructure, a fully optimized hardware and software platform that includes support for the new range of NVIDIA AI software solutions, a rich ecosystem of third-party support, and access to expert advice from NVIDIA professional services.

Leadership-Class Infrastructure on Your Terms

DGX H100 can be installed on-premises for direct management, colocated in NVIDIA DGX-Ready data centers, rented in NVIDIA DGX Foundry, and accessed through NVIDIA-certified managed service providers. And with DGX-Ready Lifecycle Management, organizations get a predictable financial model to keep their deployment at the leading edge.

An AI Appliance You Can Place Anywhere

Designed for today’s agile data science teams working in corporate offices, labs, research facilities, or even from home, DGX Station A100 requires no complicated installation or significant IT infrastructure. Simply plug it into any standard wall outlet to get up and running in minutes and work from anywhere.

Explore DGX H100

  1. 8x Nvidia H100 Gpus With 640 Gigabytes of Total Gpu Memory – 18x Nvidia® Nvlink® Connections Per Gpu, 900 Gigabytes Per Second of Gpu-to-gpu Bidirectional Bandwidth
  2. 4x Nvidia Nvswitches™ – 7.2 Terabytes Per Second of Bidirectional Gpu-to-gpu Bandwidth, 1.5x More Than Previous Generation
  3. 8x Nvidia Connectx®-7 and 2x Nvidia Bluefield® Dpu 400 Gigabits-per-second Network Interface -1 Terabyte Per Second of Peak Bidirectional Network Bandwidth
  4. Dual X86 Cpus and 2 Terabytes of System Memory – Powerful Cpus for the Most Intensive Ai Jobs
  5. 30 Terabytes Nvme Ssd – High Speed Storage for Maximum Performance